With the launch of the new EPLAN platform 2022, EPLAN has not only modernized the well-known EPLAN platform but also significantly optimized the learning materials.

In addition to the options of participating in classroom or online training, EPLAN users now also have the option of using high-quality e-learning to achieve the desired learning success in a self-directed manner.

The advantages of self-directed learning are manifold.

For one, time pressure is taken off the learner, so people who need a little longer to understand a particular topic are not cornered. Instead of sticking to set times, learners can now plan individual subtasks themselves.

The e-learnings for teachers and students are optimally designed so that even beginners have the best possible start with the EPLAN Education 2022 platform.

All E-Learnings start with an “Intro” in which the advantages of the respective function are presented, followed by a “How to” part in which the implementation of the function in the platform is shown step by step, and finally with a quiz with which the learned knowledge can be tested.

And all this in 14 languages and two international standards: NFPA and IEC!

To be able to use it, you need an account under the EPLAN Cloud.

As a user of the EPLAN Education Platform, you receive access via EPLAN. We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

Learn more about the EPLAN E-Learnings for teachers and students in the following video!