EPLAN Certified Educator (ECEdu)

EPLAN Certified Educator

The quality of teaching and the associated qualifications of teachers have a greater impact on student qualifications than any school education program or policy, and in fact teacher effectiveness is the biggest factor influencing student outcomes, along with family background.

EPLAN Certified Educator is a qualification aimed at educators.

This title is awarded to educators who demonstrate a particular commitment to and expertise in EPLAN Education.

To become an EPLAN Certified Educator, you must fulfill the following requirements:

I. You have proof of qualification of your EPLAN education. This can be in the form of EPLAN training or several years of practical experience in using EPLAN.

II. You have worked as an EPLAN teacher at a school or university for at least three years.

III. You have prepared and accompanied your students at least three times for the EPLAN Education Certification (ECS or ECP).

If you meet these requirements, please contact us using the form below.

We will then check whether the requirements are met and, if necessary, issue you with the certificate.