Dear EPLAN Educators,

You will have access to the same instructional materials as your students, with the following important additions:

Access to all exam questions of the EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) or EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) via the EPLAN exam portal, i.e. to the entire theoretical exam.

In addition, you will receive all practice materials as well as templates and solutions for the ECS or ECT practical exam. You are welcome to use these training materials in your educational institution.

The access to the E-Learnings for teachers. For this purpose, we establish contact with the company EPLAN, which activates the access for you. The prerequisite for this is that you actively use EPLAN in the classroom and subscribe to the EPLAN platform.

All materials and access are free of charge for educational institutions.

Important NOTE:

Before we can grant you full access to the EPLAN exam portal and provide you with templates and solutions for the practical exam, we require a signed confidentiality agreement from you.

In addition, it is necessary that there is at least one trained EPLAN teacher at your school.

If you have any further questions or are interested in the training materials, you can contact us using the contact form below: