Partner Program

Partner Program

Your educational institution can also offer EPLAN Education certification as an EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) or EPLAN Certified Professional (ECP). We have set up an EPLAN Certification Partner Program for educational institutions for this purpose.

Eligibility requirements

In order to join the partner program, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

I. You have the status of an educational institution (school, university, non-profit organization, training company).

II. You actively use the EPLAN Education software in the classroom or in teaching.

III. There is a competent teacher with EPLAN knowledge at your educational institution. It is considered sufficient that the teacher has attended a basic EPLAN course or can provide evidence of comparable EPLAN training. Many years of practical EPLAN experience can also be recognized.

How to proceed

If you are interested in a partner program, we will first introduce you to the details of the program in a video call. If you are interested, we will provide your teacher with all the necessary information and teaching materials that can also be used in the classroom. The teacher has access to all exam preparation tasks, exam questions and solutions. To ensure that the exam questions and solutions are not passed on to third parties without permission, a so-called confidentiality agreement must be signed in advance.


We do not charge any fees for educational institutions and teachers; participation in the EPLAN Certification Partner Program for educational institutions and teachers is free of charge.

You are interested?

If you are interested in the partner program, please contact your EPLAN sales representative as a first step or contact us directly using the contact form below.