EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE)

EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE)

The EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE) is a specialist training course offered by EPLAN as part of the EPLAN Certified Engineer training program, which finishes with a certification exam.

As a participant in this training program, you will be trained to become a certified EPLAN expert within six to twelve months.

The final exam tests your practical and theoretical knowledge.

As a certified ECE, you demonstrate your expert knowledge of the EPLAN platform. The exam is aimed particularly at commercial users of EPLAN software.

Training program

You will complete your training to become an EPLAN Certified Engineer within 22 training days. You start with the basic course and are trained step by step to become an EPLAN specialist. You will take part in both classroom training at the EPLAN Training Academy and online training directly at your workplace. General basic technical knowledge and confidence in using a PC are a prerequisite.

Examination mode

I. Online training incl. online examination

II. Online training incl. online examination

Learning material

The EPLAN Training Academy provides you with learning materials for each course. In addition, you have access to EPLAN eLearnings to deepen or refresh your knowledge. For the duration of the training, you will have access to the EPLAN Education software, allowing you to repeat and consolidate the content taught on your own computer.

Exam procedure

The exam comprises the day of exam preparation, the day of the practical exam and the day of the theoretical exam. On the first day of exam preparation, you will refresh the content of the training and repeat it using examples relevant to the exam. On the second day you will take the practical exam and on the third day you will take the theoretical exam.

Retaking the exam

The exam can be repeated a maximum of 3 times. It is possible to repeat the failed part of the exam on the day of the exam. If another exam is to be offered on a different day, additional fees will be charged.

Compensation for disadvantages

Persons with a proven disability or other chronic illness receive 20% more examination time.


All successful participants receive a forgery-proof, legally protected certificate with a security code.


Successful participants also receive the EPLAN ECE logo, which they may also use for advertising purposes for the duration of the validity of the certification. In addition, successful ECE participants will be listed on the EPLAN website on request (see EPLAN Certified Engineers). Recertification is required after 3 years.

Further information can be found at: EPLAN Certified Engineer Training.

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