EPLAN Certified Professional (ECP)

EPLAN Certified Professional (ECP)

EPLAN Certified Professionals (ECP) are able to design projects in accordance with international standards, diagnose and fix errors in the project and, if necessary, replace the corresponding devices. They have a reliable knowledge of the fundamentals of EPLAN project planning and engineering.

The EPLAN Certified Professional (ECP) exam is a certification exam for EPLAN Education users who attend a general technical school, vocational school, vocational training school, professional training institution or master school.

The ECP exam tests candidates in theory and practice (applied knowledge) of the product EPLAN Education Electric P8.

Successful completion of the ECP exam is certified to candidates with a tamper-proof ECP exam certificate and the legally protected ECP logo.

Examination requirements

General basic technical knowledge. Learning material and exam preparation material is also suitable for beginners.

Exam mode

I. On-site exam at your school, if your school participates in the EPLAN Education certification program.

II. Online exam by booking the exam via the online store of this portal. The booking can be made via the following link: EPLAN Certified Professional Exam.

Learning material

The EPLAN Education software including help system, eLearnings and exam preparation tasks for theory and practice are available for exam preparation.

Exam procedure

The exam consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the practical part, a faulty project is to be corrected into an error-free project. In the theoretical part, single or multiple-choice questions on EPLAN basics must be answered.

Retaking the exam

The exam can be repeated a maximum of 3 times. Only the failed part of the exam will be repeated. There are no additional costs for the retake, i.e. the examination fee covers three attempts.

Compensation for disadvantages

Persons with a proven disability or other chronic illness receive 20% more examination time.


All successful participants receive a forgery-proof, legally protected certificate with a security code.


This EPLAN exam is legally protected and licensed by the German Patent Office.

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