Dear Students, dear Trainees and Learners,

In order that you can learn more about the EPLAN EDUCATION training program, in particular about the EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) and EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) certification program, we have prepared video tutorials and ECS or ECT trial exams for you.

We have currently created the video tutorials and test exams in the following languages: German (DE) and English (EN).

We are currently working on integrating other languages into the educational offer.

We have uploaded the following learning materials to the learning portal for you:



The EPLAN EDUCATION software can be used free of charge for the entire duration of your training or studies. It is currently available in 19 languages.

Important NOTE:

EPLAN BEGINNERS GUIDES form the basis for the EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) and for the EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) exam. This means that all learners who have read the Beginners Guides and have realized the project described there with EPLAN Software, have significantly increased their chances of passing the ECS or ECT exam.

We are also currently working on offering the entire ECS and ECT preparation training in online format.

Please watch the video tutorials first before trying out the EPLAN EDUCATION trial exams. The language change of the frontend takes place automatically, depending on the target language of the login, regardless of which portal language you set when you logged in.

The video tutorials and test exams for can be reached as follows:

Language Username Password Link
German (DE) ecstde ecstde
English (EN) ecsten ecsten

After logging in, you will find the corresponding tutorials or trial exams in the “Course” or “Category” area.

The tutorials or trial exams are combined in a learning area so that you have a free choice of language, regardless of the country from which you access the learning materials and the language in which you would like to view them.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us using the following contact form: