Intelligent, so-called smart technologies, determine the change in all areas of economic and social life. This also applies to the business world and people’s way of life.

New technologies also have a particular impact on engineering companies and their departments, which must adapt their current workflows to remain competitive as a result of innovative technologies.

Both smart hardware and smart software applications are mainly based on the use of intelligent components, so-called cyber-physical systems, which are used to increase energy efficiency and interaction.

With the help of intelligent technologies, companies can make their product portfolio more flexible and production processes faster. However, this requires the appropriate infrastructure, software and detailed process knowledge.

Software application developers are striving to integrate the benefits of smart technologies, especially those related to cloud computing, into the feature portfolio of newly developed applications.

The following requirements are placed on today’s CAE systems:

++ Services Automation – Smart Technology takes over the routine tasks that normally require not only a lot of patience but also expertise and care. The use of smart technology eliminates these routine tasks.

++ 2D / 3D – the 2D project designs can be quickly converted to the 3D version and then better simulated. The central 3D data thus flows into the CAE system. By moving project planning to the cloud, it is also possible to access the project data from anywhere.

++ Intuitive project creation – the smart technologies, make the project creation visually easier, faster, and more intuitive.

++ Securing and effectively using specialist skills – the preservation and transfer of valuable know-how among experienced employees and between different companies has been optimized and simplified in the CAE world through the use of cloud technologies.

++ Added value through effective section data management – every CAE development of a company can be effectively managed and flexibly reused through the CAE database with its modular system.