From Beginner to Professional – EPLAN Additional Qualification at the TGM (Vienna)

Since autumn 2016, the EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) training at the School of Technology (TGM) has also been offered. After talking to Mr. Helmut Radinger from EPLAN Software & Service, Prof. DI Martin Justh decided to carry out the EPLAN certification at his school from the 2016/17 school year on.

“I was enthusiastic about the concept and program from the first minute, so it was natural for me to offer this additional, practice-oriented certificate to my students. Based on my previous knowledge, a one-day training session was enough for me in the summer holidays to be able to take the EPLAN Certified Student exam myself.” Prof. DI Martin Justh, TGM

The starting shot was fired in October 2016. Since the regular lessons are already packed with content, the training and preparation for the final exam must be carried out in 18 double hours in an open subject. “Nine committed boys and a girl from the fourth class of the electrical engineering / energy technology department were immediately enthusiastic about this additional qualification option, which will ultimately give them a start advantage on the job market”, as Prof. DI Martin Justh confidently describes.

The professor describes further the advantages of the concept: “The EPLAN Education version has the full functionality of the professional version. The only difference is that the education version cannot be used for commercial purposes”.

Since it started in 2016, the TGM offers successfully and regularly to its students the additional qualification to become an EPLAN Certified Student.

The Technological Museum of Commerce is a higher technical college (HTL) in Vienna, which is affiliated with a state-accredited research institute. The TGM offers students who have completed the eighth grade a technically oriented continuation of their school career to the Matura (High School graduation). The duration of the training is usually five years with the completion of the maturity and diploma examination (so called “BHS-Matura”). According to relevant professional practice, also the status of engineer can be applied for. The school has the status of a technical and commercial school. As a so-called central educational institution, it reports directly to the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of Austria (BMBWF).

Around 2600 students are enrolled at the TGM and are supervised by 330 teachers.