Third Cohort of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences receives “EPLAN Certificate”

For several years, students in the engineering and mathematics department at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences have had the opportunity to take part in the lecture “Plant Planning”, taught by Prof. Dr. Jens Haubrock to acquire the EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) Certificate.

In 2019, 21 students successfully passed the exam to project planning software for electrical engineering systems.

The certificate was awarded to the students by the CENTRE OF COMPETENCE FOR EPLAN CERTIFICATION and the Technical Academy Esslingen.

21 students from the bachelor’s degree programs in electrical engineering, regenerative energies and industrial engineering took advantage of this opportunity. For this purpose, the participants take an exam which, in addition to a theoretical part, also includes the use of the software for projecting electrical engineering systems.

“The additional effort is worthwhile. Many companies work with this software and appreciate the commitment and previous knowledge that was shown during their studies ”, said Prof. Dr. Haubrock.

The exam was carried out on June 24th by EPLAN CERTIFIED EDUCATOR Mr. B. Eng. Dirk Hansmeier, research assistant in the IuM department. The contents of the exam were the basics of setting up and structuring an electrical engineering project in theory and practice, in conjunction with the logical and functional review of the circuit diagram documentation.

The certificates were handed over on July 5 2019 at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

For the third time, IuM students can now describe themselves as “ECS – EPLAN Certified Students“.

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Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences was founded on August 1, 1971 and is therefore one of the universities of applied sciences in the first wave of start-ups in Germany. It is based in Bielefeld. Other locations are in Minden and Gütersloh. The range of courses includes 68 courses (38 Bachelor and 25 Master courses and five certificate courses), which are spread across five departments.