Ramona Lelal

Student at the Technical University Iași at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Short profile

  • Ramona Lelal
  • I study electrical engineering at the Technical University Iaşi
  • ECS Certificate
  • English, Romanian language knowledge
  • Adena’s motto “You make your own luck!”

EPLAN Skills / Interests

  • I got to know EPLAN Electric P8 during my studies. As a freely available software, EPLAN is an excellent tool that I use in various subjects during my studies.
  • The option of taking an EPLAN Certified Student certificate is very good and helps me find a job, even during the semester break.
  • I personally see my professional future in the automotive industry.


  • EPLAN is easy to learn, which is greatly facilitated by the multilingual interface.
  • In addition to the software EPLAN Electric P8, I find particularly interesting EPLAN Pro Panel and EPLAN Fluid.