Melanie Gangl

Graduation (Matura) at the HTL Wels in the department of mechatronics

Short profile

  • I graduated this year (05.2020) at the HTL Wels in the department of mechatronics and am currently looking for a job
  • Matura at the HTL Wels in the department of mechatronics
  • ECS Certificate
  • English skills
  • Melanie’s Moto “Girls Can Do It Too!”.

EPLAN Skills / Interests

  • EPLAN was one of my 5th year subjects, and I registered for the EPLAN as optional subject. In this course, I then completed the ECS certificate.
  • Most of all I would like to work as a mechatronics engineer in plant and control box construction, as well as an electrical designer. In addition, I would also like to work in the foreign assembly department to refresh my English skills and to learn about foreign countries and cultures.


  • I used EPLAN in the design and project management class.
  • In my last year -> project “Machining Center Drilling”:
  • The first thing I did was to draw a rough overview of the machine using EPLAN and describe the function using Word and Grafcet. Before we drew the exact circuit diagram, a single-pole overview circuit diagram was created. Furthermore, the PLC control, power supply, main circuit and the pneumatic plan was designed in an article-oriented way. Last but not least, certain evaluations were created and the test run was carried out in the “standard” scheme.
  • We constructed three smaller exercise projects in the home office, because the school was closed for 3 months from March on because of the COVID-19 virus. In these projects the specifications of the main circuit, the power supply and the PLC connections did not have to be planned in an article-oriented way.
  • I am very interested in the two EPLAN topics:
  • EPLAN Pro Panel
  • EPLAN Smart Writing
  • EPLAN is the program that I understood the quickest and used the most.