Are you an employer looking for a well-qualified and experienced “EPLAN-Employees”? But is it difficult for you to assess whether your applicants actually have the promised EPLAN expertise?

We support you in determining the EPLAN expertise of your applicants!

We offer you an “EPLAN knowledge check” for your applicants.

For this purpose, special EPLAN online exams are prepared for your applicants, which can be used to determine exactly where your applicants’ EPLAN expertise lies on a rating scale of 0-100.

Such a knowledge check provides you with certainty about the qualifications of your applicants.

The evaluation results give you information about whether your applicants

EPLAN beginners

Advanced EPLANer, or

EPLAN experts


The “EPLAN knowledge check” is carried out via our online examination platform.

For this purpose, we offer you a pool of logins that you can use freely for certain periods as part of your application process.

We currently offer the following “EPLAN Knowledge Check” packages:

“EPLAN Knowledge Check” packages Number of logins Validity
Package 1 20 2 months
Package 2 50 8 months
Package 3 100 14 months
Package 4 150 18 months

If you have any further questions or are interested in the “EPLAN knowledge check”, you can contact us using the following contact form: