Efficient Engineering with EPLAN as a Subject at the HTL Wels

Behind the abbreviation HTL in the name of HTL Wels are brain (ger. = “Hirn“), talent (ger. = „Talent“) and passion (ger. = Leidenschaft). Students need to bring this with them for the five-year engineering course in each of the five disciplines offered here. Graduates from the higher departments for electrical engineering and mechatronics are particularly in demand at companies, because they already learn to think and plan across divisions in design lessons.

A central element is ‘Efficient Engineering’ with EPLAN Education, consisting of EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Pro Panel and EPLAN Fluid.

As one of the leading educational competence centers in Austria, the Federal Technical College in Wels (Upper Austria) offers five years of engineering training with a matriculation and diploma examination in five subject areas, two of which also as evening schools for in-service training, and two subject areas with a high degree of practical relevance. In addition to high-quality specialist training, it provides excellent general and personal development. In this way, HTL Wels trains specialists who have no fear of finding jobs.

The technical training begins with the scientific and technical foundations and covers the entire product life cycle. “In the fields of electrical engineering and mechatronics, design is a central part of the curriculum that is very popular with students,” says Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Lichtenwagner.

HTL Wels not only teaches students interdisciplinary thinking in the field of mechatronics, but also in electrical engineering. They not only learn how to create circuit diagrams with EPLAN Electric P8, but also very early on how to build a 3D control cabinet with EPLAN Pro Panel. After training in the electrical design, EPLAN Fluid is added for the construction of hydraulic or pneumatic system parts.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Lichtenwagner, Electrical Engineering, HTL Wels:

“With EPLAN Education, consisting of EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Pro Panel and EPLAN Fluid, we train electrical engineers and mechatronics technicians who can solve very complex, interdisciplinary problems with foresight and detailed knowledge shortly after starting their career.”

HTL Wels has been offering its students the additional qualification EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) for several years. This additional qualification is very gladly accepted by the students of the HTL Wels, since it ultimately gives them a start advantage on the job market.

The Higher Technical College Wels, founded in 1971, is the largest day school in Upper Austria with over 1,700 pupils. In the higher departments for chemical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, she offers five-year engineering training that concludes with the matriculation and diploma examination. In the chemistry (3½-year-old) and electrical engineering (4-year-old) departments, there are additional technical schools with a focus on the practical fields. Working people have the opportunity to obtain engineering training in chemistry or mechatronics in an evening school or a college.