ECT Certification at the Technical College in Siegen

EPLAN Electric P8 has been used at the technical college since 2007, as part of the vocational training as ” State-Certified Technician”.

Frank Wigger, teacher at the Technical College in Siegen, can incorporate his many years of professional experience in electrical engineering in mechanical engineering into the course:

“This course acquires knowledge in the field of electrical system design. In addition to energy, control technology and electromechanical aspects, the students also learn how to present circuit diagrams in compliance with the standards, including the higher-level function, mounting location and device identification. I attach great importance to the fact that the documents created are directly suitable for the manufacture of the corresponding control cabinets or systems. A design, that has to be adapted again for production, is not feasible in practice.”

In conjunction with the Esslingen Technical Academy and Competence Centre for EPLAN Certifications, the Technical College offers a certification as an “EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT)” after the course.

This is in high demand from the course participants.

For the students, the certificate is a central element in their application portfolio, since corresponding EPLAN knowledge is very much in demand on the market.