CCEC – Competence Center for EPLAN Certifications has decided to offer EPLAN Education certifications, EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) and EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT), also as fully-fledged online exams.

The EPLAN Certification Institute is thus responding to market demands resulting from the ongoing pandemic.

When designing the EPLAN Education certifications as an online exam, the top priority was to retain the exam mode (theory + practice) and the quality of the EPLAN Certified Student (ECS) and EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) exams established on the market.

These requirements have been implemented.

Accordingly, both types of examinations retain both their practical and theoretical parts.

As part of a so-called learning path, examinees have access to all materials relevant to the exam and even to an exam-like test in order to prepare optimally for the final exam.

The online account is activated for a generous 90 days.

A free extension of the activation period is possible in justified cases.

The examinees upload the result of the practical exam via the exam portal and complete the theoretical exam online in the same learning sequence. The CCEC evaluates the results and certifies the successful participants with the coveted ECS or ECT certificate.

Other exam conditions, such as the number of free retakes, also remain unchanged.

The access data for the exam registration will be sent automatically by e-mail after payment processing.

The EPLAN Education online exams can be booked via the store page.

There are special benefits for training companies and universities.

For more information, please visit the following page: EPLAN Education Online Examination