The industrial sector is now facing a new generation of fully digitized factories. Industry 4.0 is already underway in many countries. This ensures the survival of the industrial sector and its competitive development under today’s conditions.

The digitized factory ensures the intelligent cooperation of the production processes and connects the physical, digital and virtual world together. In addition to digitized machines, a digital company must have industrial software that includes manufacturing processes, communication infrastructure, security systems and digitized industrial services.

Software solutions can be developed in their own environment, but most companies refer to specialized providers. The current state of Industry 4.0 in the 1980s provided CIM, CAM and CAD systems, but due to the technological levels at that time, it was not possible to capture the entire digitalization of the business.

Companies such as EPLAN Software & Services GmbH & Co.KG, with their partners and solutions such as Engineering 4.0 or Smart Engineering and Production 4.0, offer the answers to the questions of how the product manufacturing process in terms of Industry 4.0 can be industrialized through digitization, standardization and automation and how productivity can be increased sustainably.

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